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Our Testimomial (By Real Patient)

Check this out!! Dr. A with another happy patient  :-)

1. John, O.: 4.5 Star. "Very Proper, Very informitive, and Vey polite"

2. Jonathan, Robaina: 5 Star. "My Visits are always good, the staff are friendly, and the doctors are very skilled. They always make me feel comftible at each visit"

3. Jose, Sergoric: 4.5 Star. "Very Nice people and staff, they are all always happy"

4. Jennifer L: 5 Star. "I have less pain here than with other dentists. they get the job done right!"

5. Sonia, Monthfar: 5 Star. " I was refered by my parents, now I am the person who refers City Dental Group to others"

6. Aura, Cordora: 5 Star. "They do a good job. I am very happy"

7. Neris Cordova: 5 Star. "The Best in reseda!"

8. Lindsay W.: 5 Star. "Everyone was wonderful, very knowledgable, explained what would happen, showed me pictures, and helped me with tooth care products and financing!"

9. Mavin Sien: 5 Star. "Good Experince!"

10. Adelinel Pule: 5 Star. "Very satisfied with City Dental Group!"

11. Annanumus: 4.5 Star. "Really good teamwork between the dentists and dental assistants"


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